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I'm currently not taking new projects.

Though I specialize in identity design for entrepreneurs, large businesses or small, I'm presently not taking on any new projects. That said, having a strong identity is one of the keys, certainly the most obvious component of a strong brand, which is an essential element in marketing your goods and services. Identity then, is the first step, a very important step, in creating the strong brand that will accelerate your success. Don't scrimp on this – it's that important.

Create An Identity

If you're just starting out, a common mistake that is all too often made, is to think that a hastily cobbled together identity will do until "we've made some money", then we can come back and "do it right". Changing your visual identity is like "starting over" and I'd like to help by preventing you from making that mistake. Take the time at the outset to think the process through. Start with a strong visual identity, so that you can build on that continuously without suffering the delays of changing it later.

Change Your Identity

You may already have a visual identity established, but it may not have the strength you want, or the brand may not be coming together the way you think it should. I can help by analyzing your situation and suggesting ways to get you back on track. It is possible to "refresh" an identity and have it make a big difference.

Be Bold

Identity is more than just a logo, though it certainly includes one. It also includes how your logo is used in each of your touch points, like your stationery, your brochures and your website. The colors and fonts you use are elements of the visual style that becomes your identity. I can help by developing a strong and memorable identity that will support your enterprise now and in the future.


Here are a few samples of logo and stationery packages done for clients.


Pivot logo





Non-profit pricing is 40% off all listed plans.
Quotes are available for anything not covered and your questions are welcomed.

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