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Does SEO Work?

I have an article that I'm writing on another site that goes into this topic. I started it serveral years ago and am in the process of adding to it with new findings. Admittedly, SEO is not light reading and for most, not very entertaining, which is why I'm not posting it here. But for those interested in learning more, I share results of personal experiments using SEO practices that you may find of interest.

Want to look into SEO more on your own? Here are a couple of great links to get you started. One. Two.

For those who prefer to skip the details, but still have an interest, especially an interest in what you get from me when I build your website, rest assured that all sites I build have SEO best practices built in. For me, this is just "standard practice" when building a website for a client. (But we don't have to talk about it anymore.)

DIY Design

Attempting Design In-House

Here's What You Should Know

Deciding to attempt some DIY design is tempting and can be successful if:

  • You realize it’s not cost effective to spend too much time
  • Your other duties around the office are not pressing
  • You’re using Word or Publisher but promise to only output to your desktop printer
  • You have the tools (professional software) necessary to attempt professional output
  • You have the knowledge and training necessary also, but if not…
  • You’re willing to accept the consequences if you fail
  • You have the creative chops (seriously) to pull this off

See the full article here if you don't mind a little whining.

Your "Why"

Why do we do the things we do?

An interesting question and one that entrepreneurs, small business people and non-profit employees (among others) all ponder at times. It's not always an easy question to answer, though, one worth consideration in my opinion. I'm sure some of you have already figured out that I'm referring to a fellow who gave a TED talk several years ago, Simon Sinek, about this very subject. It was very popular, 23 million views to date, and if you haven't seen it, I encourage you to invest 18 minutes of your time to watch. I'm pretty sure, you'll be glad you did. I was so inspired that I made sticky notes to put up on my desk over a year and a half ago, and I still have them up.

What we believe.

Start Wtih Why

Simon Sinek talks about why companies succeed. Using a diagram he calls the "Golden Circle", he explains the relative importance of the "what, how and why" of what we do as business people. I think he makes a compelling argument, one that I personally believe in and this is why I bring this up. What we believe about our products and services, is important and further, he goes on to point out that "What you do serves as the proof of what you believe", or in other words, the "why" in why we do what we do. Simon believes that people buy from us because of the why, not the what of what we do. Would you agree?

To be sure, this discussion gets more complicated. It gets into the "positioning" of our products and services, which can then lead to consideration of whether or not we're satisfied with that position. Food for thought, for sure. So, if this is a relevant topic for your consideration, I encourage you to watch his talk and see where it takes you.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) Wins!

screensI've advocated for mobile friendly website design for years and noted that one of the best ways to design your website is to follow the Responsive Web Design (RWD) path instead of opting for developing a separate site for mobile users to access. I think we can all agree that mobile is HUGE!

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Business Websites

businessIt’s my opinion that a business website is the most important touch point a business can have in it’s efforts to market for, and offer support to, new and ongoing clients. It’s the first place potential customers/clients will look for information about a business, making it therefore, the most important. No other medium offers businesses the same potential to make a great first impression. So of course, all businesses should have a website, but it's essential to have one that creates the right impression, and successfully drives new business.

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