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Just having a web presence is not enough anymore. A website needs to instill confidence in visitors and it does this by having a professional look and feel, intuitive function, and providing the information that visitors want. Do these things well, make it easy for visitors to reach out to you, and your website will be a success because your in box will be receiving queries and your phone will be ringing.

No doubt you’ve heard and read a lot about new marketing technologies, things like SEO (search engine optimization), content creation, and social media. How do you know which is right for your business? However, as important as a website is, it should not be the only element of an effective marketing strategy, as you may know, but it is essential to get the website piece of that strategy right.

Having said all this, I believe that creating dynamic websites, also known as CMS or content management systems, gives my clients the best opportunity to have a successful web presence. These offer many features including ease of use, high functionality through readily available extensions (many of which are free) and the possibility of updating content oneself. Without getting too detailed, these kinds of sites are built on software frameworks that make all this possible and the three most popular are Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. I prefer Joomla for an abundance of reasons, the most important of which to you might be that it’s highly supported by a large community of developers and it’s very secure.

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