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Responsive Web Design (RWD) Wins!



Latest Google Algorithm - Mobilegeddon

Turns out, this was good advice as Google released (in April 2015) it's latest algorithm update that has a negative effect on those sites that are not responsively designed. Websites continue to feel the effects of lowered page rank as they scramble to find a solution. Many have expressed concerns that having a RWD type of site is detrimental to site performance but as Ethan Marcotte explains, that need not be the case.

Biggest Misconception about RWD

"…you’ve probably come across it: this suggestion that responsive design is somehow incompatible with performance. In other words, if you care about building a site that loads quickly for your users—and you do, right?—then you should steer clear of responsive design."

"The idea that responsive design can’t be fast is, bluntly, false."

As stated in an interview on the website "A List Apart". (

Read the article here on A List Apart.

If you find yourself and your website suffering from this latest Google change, I would encourage you to read the article, learn more and if you'd like some help with making the change to a Responsive Web Design site, I can help with that!

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